On set portraiture with Spike Lee, Karlie Kloss, Judd Apatow, Jason Shwartzmen, Jason Segal. 
Behind the scenes photography for Freaks & Geeks Documentary, Carolina Herrera's final fashion show, Spike Lee's unreleased 'Da Republic of Brooklyn'
Uber commercial photography in Lagos, Kenya, Morocco, Dubai, Beirut, Johannesburg, Capetown, Seattle, Washington, DC, Toronto.  
Personal street photography/reportage, Election Night, Protest Against Linda Sarsour, Women's March (2016, Washington, DC)
Travel and Street Photography in San Francisco, New Zealand, Sedona, New Brunswick, Big Sur, PEI, Egypt, New York, Black Rock City, Germany, Dubai, Egypt.  
Zimbabwe, 2016
Press Kit photos for yet-to-be-released film 'Holy Game', and portraits of: my friend Basia, underground tattoo artist in Dubai, my boyfriend Hodgee, my Babcia, my friend Bre, my friends Aly and Robin, and my friend Ania. 
Ongoing personal project, temporarily titled 'Who Did I Come From'. A decade ago, in the final weeks of my father's life, he asked my siblings and me, to trace our bloodline. Since then, his two sisters have also passed from cancer. This leaves his two brothers, Leszek (with wife and three kids), and Zdziszu (now living alone for the first time, previously under the care of my aunt, above her flower shop. He is diagnosed Schizophrenic, and has had this illness since I can remember). I am exploring the town in which they were raised and live (Szubin, Poland), a place that has always had an unsettling undertone for me. I am curious about my father's request, and what it means to contemplate your past when you are very near death. I am unpacking memories of some summer's spent under the care of this side of the family, and aunt, who herself suffered from mental diagnosis (bipolar, depression, and the rest is still mysterious). And I'm curious about where we Olszewski's were in the Dark Ages (a historical period of time I find deeply fascinating). This is my first real attempt at (long-term) photographically exploring something that is deeply painful and personally complicated.