Concept: Emotional Freedom, Spirit, Magic. Something tangible yet beyond our five senses

A few of the points I've highlighted from "Untethered Soul":

  • "Only you can take inner freedom away from yourself. Nobody else can... your center of consciousness is always stronger then the energy that is pulling on it"
  • "If you have a lot of fear... you'll create a world that doesn't stimulate your fears... As you grow spiritually, you will realize that your attempts to protect yourself from your problems actually creates more problems"
  • "You must then be aware that you, the one who notices the stuff coming up, are distinct from what you are experiencing."

I'd love to list my hundred or so highlighted passages from this book, but in the interest of time, I'll sum up in saying that my fascination for the free self is a big one. I love to photograph it, and I will find ways to keep doing so. 

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