'day in the life of' session

this wonderful option is a unique documentary experience. Magda will join you for the whole day to capture everything from your routine to your chaos, to the little moments in between. This is a wonderful way to create an accurate presentation of that your life looks like today.

Whether you are a new mother, freshly engaged, or perhaps you've gotten a new puppy, its amazing how much your life has now changed. Having a photographer with you for the day as a 'fly on the wall' is a really cool way to capture this important time in your life. Magda loves people and will integrate with you in no time.

Here are some of the qualities of this option:

  • no posing, no need to 'look perfect' or move the right way, Magda has the full day to capture you in your best light
  • a much more relaxed approach. with the lack of time constraint, we have a comfortable atmosphere to capture your real life
  • great for bigger families and home bodies ;) no need to leave the house
  • you get more images. with this less manicured option, you get more images at the end of the day 
  • a beautiful souvenir for a lifetime. you get to keep a documentation of what your home looks like, your personal style, the little details that will change over time (this makes for a very interesting option to repeat yearly)