it is really important for us, as a growing business, to help the lovely planet keep growing. this is why our products are specifically chosen with loving consciousness

what does FSC certified mean?

"Global paper consumption increased by twenty times in the past century, and has more than tripled over the past thirty years. Ensuring the sustainability of our forests and reducing the impact of our activities is therefore of grave importance"

"Customers are demanding that companies use paper products that come from a sustainable and responsible source. Industry leaders are delivering by printing on FSC-certified paper, and changing their purchasing policies to specify FSC-certified products.

FSC certification connects consumers to healthy forests by tracking products from the forest to the shelf. All FSC products are verifiedby third-party Certification Bodies to meet FSC's rigorous requirements through the FSC Forest Management (FM) and Chain of Custody (CoC) certification systems. Every FSC-certified company receives a unique FSC code, which is found on every FSC product and can be tracked back to the company that produced that product.

By choosing FSC-certified products, you are investing in our future. Protect wildlife habitat, ensure clean water, and keep forests healthy for generations to come."

for more details, visit the official FSC certification web site