Little Warriors

Trying to look tough, but they're actually nothing but adorable. I was laying on the ground outside of a school library, watching the bright blue sky, waiting for a moment to go back onto set. An interview was taking place, and I had to step out. It wasn't easy to step back in. But this is why I try my best to have my camera on me always. 

These kids: **Yelling from afar** "Lady!! lady!!!! You ok?"

Me: **A thumbs up in the air**

Kids: "Lady! We're gonna call the cops if you're not okay!!"

Me: **Sitting up. Another thumbs up** "I'm good!"

Kids: "Okay lady. We're gone call the cops now!"

Me: **Already laying back down... Chuckle**

Kids: "HEY! Take a picture of us!"

Me: **Get right up and think thought you'd never ask :)**