The Millionth First Blog Post

I won't lie to you (because that wouldn't be a very nice way to start off), so I'll tell you that this is at least the tenth time I've written a 'first' blog post. 

The more recent ones were written five months ago. FiveMonths. And they were pretty good! This 'manifesto' included magic, music, scientific magic (yup, that's a thing), life's growing pains, and continued lessons on my photographic journey. After pouring my heart out about some of my dream plans, I stopped every time I remembered how much that can change with time and luck and situation. 

I was so afraid to predefine myself or make a cagey box out of what I was about to share via my brand new blog. It was quite the uncomfortable state of vulnerability. 

So, I'll sprinkle those bits of first posts at you as we carry on (they will appear secretly in 5th or 30th or 475th posts, who knows), and leave you with this fabulously crafted video. Here is a little piece of me, my studio, my support, and some of the people who work with me, celebrating the official studio launch of MagdaZofia Photography.

Cheers / Light / Love 

MagdaZofia Launch Party. Video by Hodgee Films.