New York Subway, Photographing Strangers

I've always dreamt of gathering the balls to photograph more strangers. When you have an eye that has developed over years and years, to see lines, colors, faces, and moments; you tend to catch clusters of these elements in very gorgeous glimpse-length combinations. The downside to such a way of seeing, is the disappointment one tends to get when these cannot be captured and collected. 

I've recently solved such tough moments with an investment in a Fuji X100T. It fills me with joy, newfound bravery, and a deeper sense of connection with my surroundings. A simple twenty minutes on a two-stop journey in New York's subways system, is filled with this and far more. This city is fricken electric. It is dirty and social and crazy, its love-filled and crass. It is so so real. 

I used to shoot every single day. I carried this little Canon SB100 point and shoot (which fit in my back pocket), and it did the trick. At the end of each day, I would look back and feel an overwhelming sense that my last 14 or so hours was very long and full. Without such photographic reminders, I'd go to bed thinking it was just another decent or not-so-decent one. Over time, I no longer ever felt like time 'flew' or that 'wow! its already been a week???' Photography has a powerful way of stretching time. Life is far from short. 

Again, this type of gratitude-inducing exercise (shoot just because, and all the time, never without a camera, never without a spare memory card and battery), is another example of how I see photography as a deeply spiritual, soul-connecting practice. I'm so happy I do this.