Pistol Shrimps Opening Night

I'm inspired. To make things without dissolving under difficult deadlines, to take simple ideas, and prove their impact via ballsy follow-through (b-ball pun!) I'm inspired to possibly re-ignite the old high school volleyball team competitions (international rec sports league anyone?) I'm inspired by this dude in my life who shows so much love to everything he put his heart and mind to.

I'm also inspired to share that the red carpet never ceases to take me to my peak levels of absolute awkwardness. Put me in a frantic environment, in front of a bunch of cameras, and somehow the energy of the whole ordeal makes me entire mouth quiver.. people usually photo-catch me in mid-sentence as I mumble 'my lip is doing that thing again. oh gawd.'. Its some of my most embarrassing good times, and I hope you get the pleasure of seeing it next time. To those who rock the red carpet thing, here's a high five because I don't know how you do it, and therefore I am dazzled. 

Here's to a documentary that makes you feel like being your weird/stupid/clumsy/sexy/spirited/funny self. Thank you to awesome people who behave in unapologetically awesome ways. High fives to all. 

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