Suck It Up Buttercup! Hobby vs DreamJob

When your emotional outlet becomes your fulltime job, there is plenty of adjustment to be had, and the growing pains go on for years. What happens when the dream job exhausts you? When the free and light attitude that goes into your final product is demanded daily of you? All this on top of flights every few days, new countries (in this last case North Africa and Middle East, which were firsts for me).. What happens when you don’t have TIME to re-adjust to jet lag, new food, new people, new culture?

Well… you kind of just... suck it up and GO! There’s quite an amazing point one can reach as a full-time creative person.. its the point at which you push through the urge to cry or give up, and pick up your tool of choice and just USE IT. Its absolutely cliche, but its in this ‘don’t give up' push-through that a LOT of self-trust happens. Its the faith that even though you don’t FEEL great at a given moment, you’ve practiced this and mentally prepared SO MUCH, that your final product will impress you.

And that is the difference between a hobby and a dream job… the former is done at leisure, which is pressure-free and blissful.. the latter does not give a shit when you’re not ‘feeling it’. The beauty of this push-through is that you learn so much more on a skill-based level then you could ever learn when just shooting/creating for fun.. 

Its an interesting life and I am ecstatic to be living it.. to be creating beauty when I don’t feel beautiful, to be  stepping outside of my own personal emotions, and capturing great ones. This is how my life stays wonderful. Here are a few of my favourites on a quick scan-through of my trip through Casablanca, Cairo, Beirut, Dubai, and Abu Dhabi (and I hope you can’t guess which ones I shot while I was moody;)