Vicarious Living

Sometimes in chats with friends, they lovingly (and ever so encouragingly), tell me they live through my travels vicariously.. “so please don’t stop Mags!" And as I sit in a camper van tonight, in Rotorua, New Zealand (after enjoying some much needed muscle soaks in the sulfur baths), I think about this statement more deeply then ever before.. 

I’m trying to post photos a more of a real-time rate.. as things happen. I’ve been on so many trips in my life (SO many), and some of the photos I never once shared because I overthought the edit process. The images were never ‘perfect’ enough to put out into the world. 

But in that perfectionism, I excluded my pals who were technically with me on the journey. And you know what? Realizing that I’m not alone, and that these images provide a sort of fun teleportation/time travel to another place for someone… it encourages me really just say 'fuck it' to the almighty meticulous editing process… I’ll let that be more vigorous for the clients and the portfolio updates.

I feel lucky to go beyond myself, and recognize this super cool connection I have with anyone other then me who enjoys all this. It may be cliche, I may be realizing this late, and this could be super obvious (judging by the enormous amount of time people have been sharing/blogging/instgramming/whatever). But tonight, I really feel it and see it.

So here are some quickly chosen (within the last two or so hours) and highly speedy, slightly edited, none-final product but happy-to-share photos. Thanks for being with me ;)