A Tutorial on Photographing Lines

Here's a gorgeous space I had the pleasure of photographing while in Beirut last month. When I shoot interiors, I'm always placing myself and framing in strategic ways. Its all about creating a sense of symmetry and balance within your frame, and most importantly, the lines need to be straight. Click on the images below to get a look at how I line things up in my viewfinder grid. The little arrows signify the edges I initially line my grid up with before recomposing and clicking the shutter, ensuring that I am always leaving equal amounts of distance from the grid line. 

While in-camera work is the most important element to capturing such images, there is some work that goes into it afterward. Soon I will share (in the simplest terms possible) my techniques on the following: a) clone/healing b) dust removal/sharpening and c) lens corrections, all of which were used in the above images, and are quite vital to cleaning up your final product.