"Just Don't Wear Matching Outfits"

"So what are you thinking for this shoot Magda? I love anything you do. We just want to capture how happy we feel right now."

..."Well, I'm thinking black&whites, super minimilist, kind of serious/sophisticated, artsy crops.. not much posing or anything.." 

She pulls out the matching outfits, we both burst out laughing, and she quickly explains that they have a set of 'cool' 'normal' outfits to change into after.

We proceeded to have a blast with the concept of matchy-posy photos, and as you can see, could not stop laughing, every next pose being more hilarious and 'Brady Bunch' then the last. Very fun!

I love to work with whatever comes my way, especially the personalities of the people asking for photos... which should always vito my initial vision. Its all about versatility and fun.