With the many lessons I learned this year about photography, this would have been another banger weekend at Basscoast, fifth in a row, to unleash the newly collected skills and gear on one of the raddest events on this side of the planet. But alas, the spinning world did not spit me out in that particular direction of magic this year (today I write this post in Africa). 

     I’ll miss the million hugs, the family reunions (Whistler kindred spirits and Calgary ones), the spontaneous shenanigans, and nude river bathing (upstream there’s a rushing part, very clean and refreshing), the crazy unique vendors… all artists with their own visions, so untouched by anything ‘mainstream’, making their crafts so interesting to take in, and oh the dancing… so SO sooooooo much dancing.

     I always said that Basscoast is every holiday combined into one weekend, and it has persistently left me smiling with memories every single year. I’ll miss the many intense conversations, the Bassbus (a wonderous vehicle I took part in bringing to life), the weird and awesome art installations, the daytime yoga (last year, a great friend, Laurissa and I did our poses in the gentle rain); the outlandish costumes, the amazing fashion, dancing barefoot SOUL SUNDAY, and seeing what Chelsea choses to wears next. 

     I’m curious to see if guy-with-a-kilt stills dances on the speakers lots again. I wonder what Radiostage will look like (Bassbus crew always does an AMAZING fine-detailed job). I wish I could see all my friends’ new tattoos, and groove to every single second of Skitour’s set, because they always bring the best party, (everytime). 

     Here’s wishing you guys an amazing weekend, which there is never a doubt it will be. Now get excited with my favourite images from last year’s BABECOAST:

Some photos featuring in no particular order: Blondetron & Waspy, Bassbus, Jah Raven, Bassos Rancheros, Fort Knox Five (Jon Harvath's last show RIP), Smalltown DJs, Jpod, Foxy Moron aka Ace, Sweet Soul Burlesque, Deepone, Baran Faber, and many more (please feel free to give honorable mentions in comments below).