Technique: The Mechanical Side of Photographing Color and Spirit

True story: when I first took a look at the raw images, the confusion and disappointment with the colors made me sick to stomach! I called my fellow photog buddy Camilla, and went for a refreshing beverage (beeeer). I immediately launched into HOW  to getter better

And as a result of my anxieties, I created a solution, and Camilla and I are doing a trade! She is technically proficient and will help me for a few hours with all the questions I currently have, and in return, I will model for her, here in my studio, as she has her own ideas to test out!

Things I learned from the shoot and would like to explore:

Color mixing with a projector and gels on strobe:

  • lighter toned clothing and backdrops would reflect the projections back instead of absorbing them

  • a pre-planned color scheme would work wonders and possibly eliminate time in Photoshop (working with an art director for this could be fun)
  • time in Photoshop can be used to mix the colors if they initially are making you queasy. Channel Mixer saved the collection. I hated to do this in the post-process, but I liked the colors much more after playing around with this tool.
  • a second strobe for colorful rim light would add more power and definition
  • color theory needs to be explored in much more depth to better predict the outcome of color mixing

Capturing the movement:

  • must master the skill of autofocus in the dark! (I've made due while shooting at festivals) but from this session, I had a LOT of blurry shots
  • make sure portable music speaker is charged next time. Though the computer played the music well enough, we could have really let loose if the music was loud and bass-filled enough to drown out all sound and thought
  • If the first look at the images provokes a negative reaction within yourslf, STEP BACK, untether, and don't let it bug you. I'm glad I waited the weekend to take another look.

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