Magda is a freelance photographer based in New York City.  A first-generation Canadian with Polish parents, she grew up in the Greater Toronto area and earned a Bachelor's Degree in Media Arts and a Diploma in Photography, at the University of GuelphHumber 

In 2016, she was sent to places like Beirut, Egypt, Dubai, Morocco, and Zimbabwe, all on corporate commissions with Uber; capturing real stories and lives of drivers, a project that is still in its earlier stages of development.  While in Zimbabwe, her personal work focused on various groups of neglected citizens, still under Mugabe's rule.  

In 2017, while shooting behind-the-scenes movie stills, she shot portraits of James Franco, Seth Rogan, Judd Appatow, and Jason Segal. Her photojournalistic style was also integral in capturing the unique young girls at the KodewithKlossy summer camp, working alongside Karlie Kloss herself. Uber sent her to Poland for driver stories, and also back to Africa (Nigeria, South Africa and Kenya), where she worked on an UberWomen campaign. On a commission to shoot images for a film press package, she was sent to Rome, where she photographed soccer-playing deacon's in the Vatican.

Magda's current ongoing personal projects document both ordinary, and deeply personal moments in the changing social climate of America, via street photography in Manhattan.  

When she takes breaks from all of the above, she is pushing her abstract photo practice, which aims to capture a telepathic connection with the unseen layers of nature.