Visual Aesthetic Proposal for Product and Headshot project with SensorSuite

Black Product Images

The following image examples (taken from Google image searches), depict the photographer's vision of a modern look in final product. The proposed aesthetic includes the following:

  • white specular highlights to define every curve and shape of product
  • images cut from background with dropped shadow underneath (done in post)
  • product shots in a clean white, office type of environment (depending on the most sought-after client (offices, hotels, etc) 
  • images on blue backdrop, matching the accent color on client's branding

Corporate Headshots (individual and team photo)

Based on the client's branding and target audeince, the photographer proposes one of the following options:

Highly Characteristic on Blue Backdrop

  • photographer provides blue backdrop (seen in Batgirl image) and matches the color as close as possible to client's branding accent color for a uniform look
  • multiple lighting to create halo effect behind, and multiple highlights on the face. this creates a multi-dimensional look, the complicated lighting signifies a certain professional and interesting quality


Black and White on Pure White

  • Images will go well with branding, due to their neutrality 
  • If re-brand with company occurs, images will still be relevant
  • high contrast, high key, black and white with flattering top light
  • great for group images
  • friendly yet classic and professional feel
  • friendly and approachable expressions with with connection to camera (and therefore audience)


***all above images, aside from Batgirl, are borrowed from GoogleSearch for purposes of example (to show photographer's creative vision) final images will not exactly copy or replicate, and will simply make use of the various techniques in style and lighting

Please note that the listed ideas and concepts are meant solely as a visual proposal, and all other ideas and visions are highly welcome. We pride ourselves in understanding our clients' wants and needs first and foremost. All setup of light and backdrops (particularly for the headshots) can be done in-office, for the comfort and convenience of all involved.