Right Now

I feel very comfortable in the studio. Based on past experience, to light and pose someone, to work with movement and humor and direction to convey emotion, and co-create a specific desired visual outcome is actual magic to me. I love the idea of taking words such as 'strong' or 'bright' or 'fun' etc, to translate that via my personal style, and to deliver something that only before existed in the mind. 

Currently, as mentioned in the 'about', I am re-settling in Ontario. Is this my end goal? I can never be 100% certain. But I know that it is perfect for me right now. That's why I did not waste any time, and in between shooting the referral sessions that have already been requested upon my arrival, and just really showing up with my loved ones, I've created a studio in one of the rooms of this house. Its Mississauga for now, Toronto when its time for the official 'nest', and once that is in place and my business is standing on stronger legs, its back to the rest of the world again.  


I love it here in my studio. This is where I can have all types of people over to share a vision and make it happen. It also has an abundance of natural light, so it a super diverse space to shoot and work in. I love it, and I'm so thankful to have it. 


Desired Direction

I've always been very drawn to documentary photography, never quite thinking its something I have the intellect to achieve (I was being quite mean to myself), but now I know that the stories that defined my definition of 'documentary photography' perhaps were not resonating with me. 

So, thanks to a few extremely inspiring people and stories, I have lately been far more interested in documentary style shooting again; developing more of a story, and really pushing my knowledge and skills to find and capture the best light (and moments) for any given situation. Knowing that I can focus on positive stories, on love and even magic, I know I can develop a voice that uplifts myself and others. 


Shooting Day In the Life's has been my first official step into this type of world. And while I have been playing with natural light a lot in the past years, this is has pushed me to keep my eyes open even wider, to have better control of my settings, and to learn from my (many) mistakes from each session. I am very excited that my practice is headed in this direction.

I'm currently self-teaching (mostly from CreativeLive classes) much more about light, posing, street photography, and photojournalism. These are all things I learned about in school, but I did graduate in 2008. So not only has the playing field changed, I can also admit that I got comfortable in certain ways of photographing. I want nothing more then to push myself again. Growth can hurt, but it always fills me with a sense of energy that I can rarely find in other areas of my life. 

Through all of this, I am developing a new vision for my personal projects, and hope to make myself proud by contributing something bigger (whatever that is going to be), to this wonderful world of ours.