Possibly my favorite thing ever, is entering a new situation (bonus points if its colorful or creatively quirky), and overcoming that moment of "hmmm how do I come at this??" 

My camera and I are good friends, and I'm glad it, and its array of lenses, have afforded me to see beyond my own eyeballs; leading me into the imaginative depths of whatever is happening right now.  

For me, an ideal shoot day has minimal crew, with grounded, cool people (major extra bonus points for great sense of humour). 

Someone once told me to mention this: one of the best experiences of my life was when I was sent to Africa to photograph real Uber drivers aaaand they were all female. I worked with one amazing producer, and everything was on the fly. Four countries in little over a week. We were exhausted, but so happy. 

I pack minimal gear, and travel well. I love, and can blend into just about every social situation. And if I feel awkward (it happens, I'm human), I just slide behind my camera, and capture people being their dope selves. Sometimes, it feels like a video game: point, hit target for optimal focus, wait for the right light, boom. There's the shot.

 I would love to work with you! Please do reach out, I enjoy hearing from everyone. Cool. Thanks!

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