Oh, the joys of sexy photography! Its endless fun. Every woman deserves to see her best angles, and its an amazing memory of your foxy fierce SELF! I've been happily surprised with what a therapeutic experience this has been for my clients. They leave the session feeling quite exhilarated with the adventure of it all, and often later tell me that it left them feeling amazing about themselves for long after the shoot. THAT'S powerful. 

The 3 Key Stages of the Sexy Shoot

'Playful, Coy, Bright'

The start can be shy and it takes a little while to get into it, but its actually a genuine and adorable side of you, so we shoot through it. Here we get the airy, smiling, giggling spontaneous images, while you get used to taking directions 

'Saucy, Badass, Fierce' 

Lingerie change here usually the ultra sexy stuff, expressions and poses get a little more serious, artsy and riske. Here, a lot of women are brave enough to go nude, and we start getting really creative with finding light and shape

'Kinda Looks like a Magazine'

Using an editorial style, we punch up the colors, add props, and get the most creative. Its the end of the shoot, and we're the most comfortable, and in a special flow-state. This is where we try out a specific visual concept


FYI, these are some of my absolutely FAVE shoots. It always feels like I'm hanging with a best friend, or sister. We're in this together! Drop me a line, I'd love to hear from you. Let's make some beautiful images together!  🙌🏼 💄 💋 

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