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ponderings of the past

The Best Work Advice I Ever Received: A Tale of Passion and Persistence

When I think about the best work advice I've ever received, my mind immediately goes back to Jerry. It was my first wedding shoot, and I was using the groom’s analog camera—a real throwback in today’s digital age. Jerry, a seasoned photographer, was watching me closely. He saw something in me that I hadn't fully realized myself.

Jerry's Timeless Wisdom

Jerry approached me and said, "I can tell you love this and know what you're doing. Never give up on it. You will want to sometimes. It will get hard. But be a photographer for the rest of your life. I used to be one, and looking at you, I truly wish I had stuck with it."

The Echo of Jerry's Words

Jerry's words have echoed in my mind countless times since that day. They resurfaced when I felt like giving up, when I needed to pivot and try something new, and when I was grappling with my identity. His advice became a guiding light, helping me stay true to my passion for photography.

Photography as My Main Squeeze

Jerry's advice has been more than just words; it's been a North Star. It has provided me with a sense of direction and identity, something solid to hold onto while navigating the complexities of life and career choices.

  1. Passion is Powerful: Jerry's insight helped me realize the power of passion in shaping my career and identity.

  2. Persistence Pays Off: His advice to never give up has been a constant reminder to stay resilient, even when the going gets tough.

  3. Guidance Matters: Sometimes, the most impactful advice comes from those who have walked the path before us.

And So...

Jerry's words have been a cornerstone in my journey as a photographer. They remind me that passion and persistence are key to finding fulfillment in what we do. So, here's to Jerry and his timeless wisdom—may we all find our North Star and never give up on what we love. 

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