In the last decade, since the loss of my father, his two sisters parished as well. With only two uncles left on my dad's side, I'm only now (warily) attempting the re-animated quest to fulfill one of my dad's last wishes: "figure out where we came from.. when you hit a dead end in public records, go to the churches. Do what it takes." 

The first step to this journey was visiting my two remaining uncles, in my dad's hometown, a sort of dreary little village in Poland called Szubin. Wujek Leszek runs a family farm, and Wujek Zdziszu is schizophrenic, living for the first time ever, alone (my Ciocia Adelka was his main caregiver, and passed away two years ago).

Some summers were spent here growing up; its a place that is mysterious and dark. I've heard that their rate of cancer and suicide is higher than average village.. 

I'm not sure that I'll ever stop the search, and am equally in the dark about how far I'll actually endure. I want to be sensitive to my remaining family members, to the little village, to all my future findings.. which include some hiding memories, and possible answers to ongoing puzzles. 

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